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Removable Insulation in TorontoThermoHelp Canada Inc. offers a full range of custom-designed removable/reusable flexible insulation covers for equipment of any size and configuration, and a variety of applications at operating temperatures ranging from -80°F/-62°C to 2300°F/1260°C. Our products can be used with any equipment which should be insulated, and still remain easily accessible for maintenance and inspection.

Removable insulation covers have proven themselves a very lucrative product because of their clear benefits: energy conservation, personnel protection, and labor savings. Although in most cases removable insulation covers are initially more expensive than conventional permanent insulation, their cost becomes justified when the permanent insulation must be replaced. In recent years higher labor costs continued to narrow the price gap between permanent and removable/reusable insulation.


We are dedicated to quality. In most cases, you can tell the difference at once by simply looking at our product. We guarantee the product’s fit, materials and workmanship for one year.

We design our product to be the most user-friendly on the market:

  • Most of ThermoHelp blankets come in a single piece even for complicated equipment – you don’t have to think how to reinstall a multiple-piece “jigsaw puzzle” cover and how to fill the gaps between its parts.

    Removable insulation cover for turbine steam inlet elbow, gate valve, tee and drip leg designed as a single piece.

    Removable insulation cover for turbine steam inlet elbow, gate valve, tee and drip leg designed as a single piece.

  • ThermoHelp blankets are fastened with belts and stainless steel double D-rings and/or Velcro fasteners. This allows for tool-free installation and removal.
  • Each item comes with a permanently attached stainless steel ID tag, containing the item’s description and location provided by the customer and our traceable work order number.
    Typical information on the tag
  • All ThermoHelp blankets are sewn. We do not use staples or hog-rings to close seams.
  • A variety of colors are available to color-code removable insulation covers on your equipment in accordance with your company standards or to enhance the equipment’s appearance.

We stand behind our product and are committed to providing the best customer service possible. We are not satisfied until our customer is.


RemovableInsulation4Despite the initial cost of removable insulation is higher than of the conventional one, removable insulation covers prove to be a worthwhile investment in the long run. The benefits of removable insulation include:

  • ENERGY SAVINGS. In most cases, ThermoHelp covers pay for themselves in 6 – 18 month when installed on hot steam or processing equipment just by reducing heat losses from the items usually not covered with any insulation. We are pleased to offer a free energy savings and payback period calculation to our customers.
  • TIME AND LABOR SAVINGS. Since most of ThermoHelp covers can be installed or removed in a few minutes (no tools or special skills required) they offer significant labor and time savings in the initial insulation of equipment, as well as it’s re-insulation after maintenance and inspection.
  • PERSONNEL PROTECTION. ThermoHelp covers installed on hot steam or processing equipment protect plant personnel from burns by maintaining low surface temperatures in high-traffic areas.
  • PEACE OF MIND. Suppose you anticipate a leak or another problem with a piece of permanently insulated equipment. You would think twice before doing a routine inspection, which would destroy the insulation. Guessing is not required when you use removable/reusable covers – you just check your equipment without delay and then re-install the cover.

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